Investing in Luxor

Invest in Luxor, the ancient Pharonic capital known as Thebes

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Luxor has been a popular tourist destination for decades

Luxor is the world's greatest open air museum with over a 1/6th of the world's ancient heritage and has been a famous tourist resort since the Greek and Roman times. Luxor has awe-inspiring monuments of ancient civilisations, testaments to a desire of immortality, built for eternity in sandstone and granite, temples, tombs and palaces are surrounded by souqs and luxury hotels. A breathtaking sound and light show through exquisite lyrics tells the story of magnificent Karnak Temple whose complex covers 200 hundred acres and its history spans twenty centuries. Luxor museum was established in 1975 and presents the discoveries of the area. On the West bank you have the funerary temples of the Colossi of Memnon and the Ramesseum. Queen Hatsheput's Temple the first women to rule Egypt in the Pharonic era. You can take day trips to so many interesting places such as Dendrah or sail in a Fellucae at sunset.

Egyptian Experience complex will be the first tourist residential development in Luxor so it's a very exciting project situated on the East Bank of the River Nile overlooking the West Bank of this extraordinary river and the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Luxor is a very well established charter flight destination so easily accessible from many airports.

European tourists have wanted to buy in Luxor for many years but until now the property available has not been first class.

This stunning development opened in December 2009.

The complex will consist of 5 swimming pools, studios 45sqm, 2 bedroom apartments 80sqm, 3 bedroom apartments 113sqm, duplex apartments consisting of 2 floors with either 3 bed 160sqm, 4 bed or bedrooms 226sqm. There will be restaurants, gym and a private administration office on site to meet your needs. There where will be 4 phases but each phase will completed independently so they will each have their own swimming pool and spacious landscaped garden finished at the same time as the apartment will be finished. Only 10 minutes from the centre of Luxor and 20 minutes from the International airport.

The Nile is the longest river in the world, stretching north for approximately 4000 miles from East Africa to the Mediterranean.