Furniture in Egypt

Furniture in Egypt

bedroom furniture

CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
101BedsDouble bed (Comes with 2 drawers)5ft =1.53cm0
102 BedsSprung Mattress for Double bed5ft =1.53cm0
103BedsSingle bed (Comes with one drawer)3ft = 92cm0
104BedsSprung Mattress for single3ft = 92cm0
101HBedsBedheads (wall)-0
105bedside table with drawer --0
107Air conditioning Split level (quieter)-0
Air conditioningFitting of air conditioning -0
108SheetsDouble sheet-0
109SheetsSingle sheet-0
112BlanketsSingle -0
BlanketsDouble -0
113DuvetsDouble duvet-0
114DuvetsSingle duvet-0
115Duvet coversDouble duvet cover-0
116Duvet coversSingle duvet cover-0
117Ceiling fan with lightsIncluding installation. This will replace your ceiling light-0
118Lockable storage unitAbove the wardrobes, large enough for diving equipment-0
119CurtainsPlease choose colour from fabric list-0
120Net curtains--0
121Bed coversDouble (please choose colour from fabric list)-0
122Bed coversSingle (please choose colour from fabric list)-0
123Dressing tableModel 1 (please contact us for photos)-0
125Dressing tableModel 2 (please contact us for photos)-0
126Dressing tableModel 3 (please contact us for photos)-0
127Heating radiator--0
128CushionsLarge (please choose colour from fabric list)70x700
129CushionsSmall (please choose colour from fabric list)50x500
130WardrobesDouble wardrobe2metres wide x 60cm deep0
132WardrobesStudio wardrobe-0
131WardrobesLockable end of bed storage box-0
133MirrorFull length mirror inside studio wardrobe door-0
134MirrorFull length mirror with wooden frame-0
135SafeSmall safe40x30x350
136SafeLarge safe50x35x420

lounge furniture

CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
201Breakfast bar stools without back to fit underWood stained light coloured35cm diameter0
202Breakfast bar stools without back to fit underWood painted white35cm diameter0
203Television tableWood stained light coloured-0
204Television tableWood painted white-0
205Coffee tableWood stained light coloured-0
206Coffee tableWood painted white-0
207TelevisionLCD 22"0
TelevisionLCD 32"0
209Ironing board--0
119Curtains(Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
120Net curtains--0
210Satellite receiverWith access to the free European channels -0
128CushionsLarge cushion70x700
129CushionsSmall cushion50x500
117Ceiling fan with lightIncluding installation . This will replace your ceiling light -0
211Round table--0
212Vacuum cleaner--0
213SetteeBed settee. Wood stained light coloured2 metres long0
214SetteeBed settee. Wood painted white-0
215SetteeBed settee mattress & material. (Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
216ChairWood and stained light coloured -0
217ChairWood painted white-0
218ChairChair mattress & material. (Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
219Settee(Please contact us for photos. Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
243 Settee 3seater (please check photo on CD attached or the website) (please choose colour from fabric list) -0
220Chair(Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
221Chair & Stool(Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
222Chair(Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
223Settee(Please contact us for photos. Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
224Settee(Please contact us for photos. Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
225Air conditioningSplit level unit. Powerful enough for the lounge-0
232Rocking chair--0
235SetteeNew bed settee with cushions. (Please contact us for photos. Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
236ChairNew chair with cushions. (Please contact us for photos. Please choose colour from fabric list)-0
237Fly screenFor 2 patio doors and 1 window-0
238 Fly Screen for 2 patio doors and 2 windows -0
239 Bookcases small with 2 shelves - stained light coloured -0
240 small with 2 shelves - white (studios and 2 beds) -0
241 large with 3 shelves - stained light coloured (3 beds) -0
242 large with 3 shelves - white (please ask for a quote)-0

verandah furniture

CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
301ChairWooden - painted white-0
302Cushions for charChoose colour form fabric list-0
303Square tableWooden - painted white70x70x500
304Round tableWooden - painted white--0
305ChairWrought iron-0
306Square tableWrought iron with marble/ceramic top0
307Round tableWrought iron with marble/ceramic top-0
When choosing the above: Please remember the heat in Sharm which is why we have chosen the more expensive aluminum window frames so the wrought iron is better
308SunbedWith mattress-0
310SunbedWithout mattress-0
SunbedMattress only-0
309Rattan furniture1 Settee, 2 chairs & table with cushions-0


CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
401Electric hob4 rings-0
402Electric ovenNo rings (This is not essential)-0
403Unit to house ovenWith drawer-0
422 Unit under Hob with door and drawer -0
404Granite work surfaceTo house the hob unit-0
405Granite work surfaceTo go across the back wall from sink to breakfast bar-0
406Microwave-30 litre0
408ToasterSmall (2 slices)-0
409ToasterLarge (4 slices)-0
410Fridge Freezer--0
Fridge Freezer--0
411SaucepansSet of 4-0
412CutlerySet of 6-0
413Crockery - Dinner plates, bowls, small plates (melamine), mugsSet of 6-0
414GlassesSet of 6-0
415Glass jug--0
416MicrowaveGranite shelf-0
417Extractor fanWith cupboard-0
418Extractor fanWithout cupboard-0
419Kitchen cupboardsUnder sink - white-0
420Kitchen cupboardsAbove sink - white-0
423 floor unit with granite on top, 3 doors and microwave shelving within white -0
424 floor unit with granite on top, 2 doors and microwave shelving white -0
421 blind for kitchen --0


CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
501Washing machineAutomatic GMC-0
Washing Machine fitting 0
502TowelsLarge hand towel70x500
504TowelsBath towel140x700
505TowelsLarge bath towel200x1700
506Shower curtain with hooks--0
507Shower rail--0
508Bathroom cabinetPlease note these will not fit in a studio--
509Bathroom cabinetModel 1 (Please contact us for photos)-0
510Bathroom cabinetModel 2 (Please contact us for photos)-0
511Water heater60 litres-0
512Fly screenFor bathroom windows-0
513Bathroom mirror--0
514Shower screenIn bathroom-0
515Shower screenIn en-suites-0
516 Bathroom shelves A set of freestanding bathroom shelves -0


CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
You will need blackout curtains to protect from heat the cost included the fitting of the curtain rails Total for all windows
602studio Cream -0
2 bedroom apartment Cream 0
3 bedroom apartment Cream 0


CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
701Spotlights3 spotlights on steel round for the center of the lounge-0
702SpotlightsSingle spotlight for wall lights-0

Fire Extinguishers

CodeItemDescriptionDimensionsEgyptian £
801 3 kg -0
802 6 kg -0
803 Fire Blanket 100 cm * 80cm -0