Buying guidelines

Guidelines to buying our properties

Buying guidelines

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above mentioned properties the procedure is as follows:


A non-refundable deposit of £1000 per apartment is required.


A 25% as a down payment after one month of the initial deposit. The remaining balance to be divided into instalments as per the completion period of the project.

Obtaining a Visa: To stay in Egypt is very easy. When you first come you will get a one month tourist visa, the second time we will take you to the passport agency and will apply for a one year visa with transit. This means during the entire year you are allowed to travel back and forth without any additional costs. This is easily renewed each year. Approx. £20.

Weather: The weather and the guaranteed sun all the year round play a key role in choosing Sharm as a holiday destination. In winter from November until March the temperatures during the day range from 25/38 and during the night 16/20. February is considered the coldest month. From April to October temperatures can rise to 45 degrees during the day and 35 at night. The climate is very dry and being close to the sea makes it excellent environment.

Infrastructure and Services: Sharm El-Sheikh is a very modern cosmopolitan city with a well equipped international hospital. They have built a new impressive terminal at the airport which copes with visitors from all over the world. There is a wide variety of shops and restaurants which you can easily stroll around a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Luxor is full of mystery and history with an International hospital and very modern airport. Luxor has been a tourist resort for over a century and is used to catering for tourists needs all be it ancient environment.